The Fantasy LARP (update)

May 23, 2015

My original intent with the use of magic has begun to feel overwhelming. There are easily, in my current concept, as many spells as common skills – more in fact. This is supposed to be a fairly simple system. I think I can simply this by having each Fae type have the same spell list with themed effects for each type (Fire do damage, wind do knock back, etc), have the goblin and Saturnian do their own spell lists, and have human religious spell lists all be the same, themed to effect like the elemental ones.

Thus I’d only be writing four spell lists instead of twelve. The religious and elemental ones would simply specify what effect they’d take for each type (elemental arrow for all the Fae with identical costs and prerequisites but doing a different effect for each Fae type, etc).

It’d be a lot simpler and easier to write and implement, not to mention remember. 

I’m also thinking about mixed races. I don’t want them. The races are too different to interbreed. The only exception would be that humans and elves could produce a mixed race that has none of the elf attachment to magic, none of the human advantages, but was also immune to elemental magic and religious magic – including healing spells.

These are the things in my head.


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