March 11, 2015

This is what I have so far…


The Apothecary creates vials of poison and exists in the world of the cloak and dagger. If you want to provide a deadly edge to someone and avoid being put to the edge yourself, this is the class for you. And you can even set a minor wound or hurt limb to rights.


The nurse, the lackey, the sidekick, the plucky companion – these are the confidant. Able to help those around them shake off the confusion that conflict can cause and regain the will to keep on working towards their goals. And maybe even make the ultimate sacrifice for their retainer.


Healing, saving lives, and endin them if need be – hopefully to get away with it, too! Doctors are vital in Verona, but they are too often too late.


Ah, the fool. Untouchable and wise, but perhaps not as touched or foolish as others think. The fool has a diverse repertoire and is able to deliver as sharp a barb with his tongue as with a thrown dart. And woe to those that harm the Fool.


The hedgewitch, the wise woman, the herbalist – she can cause or cure an ailment, stop the worst of harm from killing, and sometimes speak of truths she ought know. A life at risk of persecution by those who otherwise patronize her talents has taught her to slip away quickly.


The master of all he sees – or at least of all he owns – the Lord is the walking embodiment of “speak loudly and carry a bigger stick.” Few would attack a noble, and those that do often live gofer a short while) to regret it.


With words as sweet as candied cane and pockets as deep as oceans – or so they’d like to think – but if you need it there is a good chance they can get it. One way or another. Or they now who can.


Well-spoken and armed, family of a Lord know they are also responsible for being as much soldiers as diplomats. And sometimes – spies.


Known for their soothesaying and madness, the Oracle is not often safe alone, but neither is any who harms them.


Life savers and orators as well as dispensers of wisdom, priests are usually patronized by Lords of varying power and influence.


Most of the ability to make war falls on the heads of those hired by Nobles and Lords for such tasks. Soldiers are well-armed and bet able to survive assault.


Performers, born and bred, he troubadour can strengthen the resolve of other and calm their distress with their acts. But they are not without the ability to defend themselves and if one should fall, it would be unwise to be the one that causes it.


The common folk of Verona have a variety of skills that let them do a variety of things though without the influence that others are known to have. But from the villein you gain many consumables and tools, and it is the commoner that spreads knowledge in whispers and knowing glances.


Black Market

Nothing says connections like getting hold of illegal goods or trading in ill-gotten gains for favors down the road. A player may use five Plot Points or two stolen items to obtain any of the following:

  • One vial of poison
  • A pistol or knife
  • Fives minutes to spy on any location out of character (this represents sending a spy NPC)
  • Forged documents or sigils
  • Special plot items
  • A “favor” from another random member of the Black Market. 

The risk of Black Market is that as one can call on others, one is also expected to fulfil the same agreement. Those that do not face possible harm or exposure.


Expending one Plot Point allows the character to remain unseen as long as they remain in darkness and unmoving or at least 75% hidden from all viewers. Crossed forearms signal use of this skill. 

Another player may see through this skill on one target by expending Five Plot Points.

Close Mortal Wound

A character with this skill may use three Plot Points to stop another character from dying. They must role play staunching a traumatic wound and suturing or packing and taping it as needed for three minutes, during which their death timer is paused.

If they complete this on their prone and willing subject, the Mortal Wound is downgraded to an Injury. If they stop or are interrupted, the wounded character dies within thirty seconds and cannot be saved. The Plot Points are spent regardless.

This skill may not target self.


By serving an actual meal and expending two Plot Points, a player may heal up to six people so long as they take part in the meal for at least twenty minutes. Grazes are removed and Injuries become Grazes. The targets must participate the entire meal without interruption aside from conversation.

Create Antidote

Poisons cannot be cured and unless an antidote is used within ten minutes of being poisoned, the poisoned character dies.

Antidotes are created by first expending two Plot Points and role playing the mixing of herbs and substances for ten minutes. The result must be at least a five ounce container with water and a white label. Water must be consumed for effect.

Create Poison

Poisons are illegal in Verona – the creation or possession of such. In fact, it is death so much as to speak of such things by the Prince’s law. 

By spending first two Plot Points and then role playing mixing herbs and substances for ten minutes. The result is a one ounce container of water which must be marked with a black sticker.

Poisons may be applied to blades, swallowed directly, or added to ONE serving of food or drink.

If the substance is inspected by scent it is clearly poison.


With a dying breath, a character may curse another, ensuring their eventual demise. The cursed character loses all their Plot Points and their next Injury is upgraded to a Mortal Wound. If they consume a poison, they die within seconds.


Five minutes of talking and one Plot Point will favorably incline another character to the one using this skill – so much as nature allows. The Montague Lord will do no more than stay a moments violence or some excessive punitive act by the Capulet Lord, but a Neutral Priest could gain a vial or two of Anitdote from a Hedgewitch that would otherwise not trust him.

Of course, you have to converse peacefully for five minutes, first.


By wearing a completely different outfit, tying a yellow handkerchief on a wrist or ankle with a single knot, and spending one Plot Point, a character may disguise themselves as anyone, but at the risk of discovery. Should the weakly tied handkerchief/bandana fall off, the disguise fails and the character is revealed a fraud.


With this skill, a “good talk,” and the expenditure of a single Plot Point a character with this skill may, two times, grant another character two Plot Points.

Fair Escape

With a single Plot Point expenditure and a clear and unobstructed exit from a scene, a player may declare Fair Escape and leave the area. 

By spending three Plot Points, another character may take three steps and make one violent attack from where both characters are when Fair Escape is declared. 

Gain Craftable Item

By spending three Plot Points at Logistics a character with this skill can obtain any crafted item. But if it is an illegal item there may be repercussions. After all, only the Black Market offers anything close to anonymity.


This skill allows the user to wield a single 18″ or less contact safe boffer.


By holding an open hand straight up and expending one Plot Point, a character may monologue uninterrupted for up to two minutes outside of combat. The player signals the end of this ability by making a hand motion like a knife cutting through the air.

Pistol – Dagger
Pistol – Rapier
Pistol – Sword
Remove Confusion
Replace Item
Rifle – Bastard
Rifle – Claymore
Safe From Harm
Serve Drink
Set Injury
Throwing Knives


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