More Mechanics…

March 10, 2015

Plot Points will not refresh. This is to ensure their use is intentional or desperate and add to a heightened sense of certainty. Each character will be given a set amount of Plot Points which will be decided upon in play testing. The first three play tests will not have a cap, but testers will report how often they used them and how important each use felt.

I am torn on having some physically destructible represent Plot Points or just having it be a matter of an Honor system. This is meant to be theatrical, so I’m leaning toward just trusting my players to play the story, not play to “win.”

Build points are harder to define. Each profession will pay one Build per skill (some are going to be required purchase with certain classes – these may or may not be free depending on how future discussion and testing.

The skills from the common, the Villein, list will each be two or three Build. Since the Villein class may ONLY select from this open list, they will receive twice the Build of other classes to make them workable if less “unique”.

My first instinct is to have each player receieve seven to nine build. I don’t think this will be a skill-heavy game – most of this be decided by politics socializing, and violence. And there are no combat skills beyond the ability to use the weapons.

This makes me think I could run this as a pickup at a convention, but I’m perhaps being a bit overexcited by the prospect that this joking idea could be at all viable. It is that or it will be a fantastic reminder that adapting existing media to playable form is a bit of a pain.

By the way, a character without a combat skill may use three Plot Points to, for one attack, use a weapon they do not have the skill for. They may not enter game with this weapon but may obtain one in character if they find the means to do so. But it would have to be a pretty desperate act…

Players may enter game with a nerf blaster or contact safe physrep for the skills they have. Throwing knives are capped at eight because I like eight. If the player also has knife, they can also use it as a melee Knife on another person inflicting normal Knife damage.  All throwing knives must be twelve inches or less with no solid core.

Stabbing is not allowed, close range “stabs” are to be done with a light touch of the blade against the body.

No head or groin shots. Strikes to the hand with a knife are not allowed. Dart or thrown knives cause the hand to drop what is in it, hits to the arm do not disarm, but still disable the entire limb. The attacked player may switch hands to attack, but must be clumsy about it.

There will be more tomorrow a I write out descriptions of each class and skill. Doing so will take time so I don’t think it’ll be ready until late afternoon. I appreciate any feedback you have.


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